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  • Blu-ray Ripper best format

    I've always ripped Blu-ray disks to the highest quality MP4, but lately I've tried TS, and they don't look different to me. I watch them on a large 4K, and at some point will be on a huge projection screen. What's the best format to go with?

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    Best for Hugh large screen would be a uncompressed format Main movie or any ripper format uncompressed but if you want compressed you can use the custom choice in ripper and make them about 10 gig's each for very large projection screen.The container I use is MKV. My projection screen is Hugh at 200 inches blu rays look good at 10 gigs. I use H265 compression if your playback device plays this use it for better compression.Uncompressed blu rays main movie look the best so does 4k uncompressed but even 25 gig. 4k's look good at h265 on Hugh screens.Really you got to try a few different sizes to see what you think looks good to you.The container doesn't change the resolution any so what ever your player can play is fine.Most players can play MKV'S.


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      Faith I play mine on an Xbox One X, so it would have to be compatible with that. I didn't think about MKV, I'll give that a try. Thank you!