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Mulit-OS Discount FAQ~UPDATED 10.25.17

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  • From DVDFab Staff Mulit-OS Discount FAQ~UPDATED 10.25.17

    New Multi-OS Discount!

    Here are the FAQS

    In response to requests from many users, DVDFab has created a new pricing policy that allows the purchase of licenses for different OS platforms at a greatly reduced price (up to 70% off!).

    Q: What is the purpose of this new policy?
    A: Many DVDFab users have a need for multiple licenses for different operating systems. Whether it is a different system at work and home or a matter of added convenience in one location, up to now it was necessary to purchase full-price versions for each platform. This is no longer true!

    What is the cost to add a new platform for my license(s)?
    A: Please log in to your account at the DVDFab Member Center (here). Just above your list of licenses you will see a link that says "Add a Platform". Click there or where it says Add a Platform in the navigation pane on the left of the page. Either one will take you to a page that shows the pricing.

    Q: How can I keep all the licenses straight?
    A: We have thought of that! All your licenses will transfer to the new platform and will appear in the list just like your originals. You can check them anytime in your Member Center account.

    Q: What platforms are supported and eligible for the discount?
    A: Currently Windows and Mac. Regrettably, the Linux version has been discontinued.

    How can you do this?
    A: The costs of development and ongoing support (updating decryption, etc.) are paid by the original license. The incremental cost of supporting a new platform for a given user is relatively low and allows the lower cost to add them. It is only necessary to pay for the initial costs once, not once for each platform.

    I don't currently have a license, can I still take advantage of this program?
    A: Yes, absolutely. The Buy page will allow you to purchase a "main OS" license as well as one for whatever additional platform(s) you may need (more than one if desired).

    Are all my modules included?
    A: Yes, the licenses match exactly, and all will expire at the same time, and Lifetime in the original will also
    be Lifetime in your new platform.

    Q: When does this program expire?
    A: It does not expire, it is a permanent buying option.

    My licenses are expired, can I still take advantage of this?
    A: Certainly, you just need to renew the "main" license first. If you no longer have an account in the Member Center or access to the original license email address, you may need to contact the Service Team, using this link to the DVDFab website.

    If we have failed to answer your question, please start a new thread in this forum.

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