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    From DVDFab Staff New!DVDFab Beta is out

    New!DVDFab Beta is out


    New: Added support to trim a video for multiple clips in Ripper and Video Converter.
    Fix: Improved playback compatibility in DVD to Blu-ray Converter and Blu-ray Creator.
    Fix: A problem that the copied result of the registered DVD to Blu-ray Converter still has the watermark in certain cases.
    Fix: A failure when converting Blu-ray to mkv.passthrough in certain cases.
    Fix: A problem that the video bitrate is different from what is set when converting to mp4/mkv H265 in certain cases.
    Fix: A subtitle display problem after converting DVD sources to mp4/mkv with remux or idx/sub subtitles in certain cases.
    Fix: A problem that DVDFab could not open some file sources in certain cases.
    Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.


    MD5: 1B5F6E98E745FC8FA184CF27962E632F
    SHA1: A25F3DFCBD73B389477205DDAD2F3991E351AFA8
    CRC32: 3921792F

    DVDFab US:

    MD5: 249F4AC476C922E427DB8326AA0287EF
    SHA1: A7933FBF40AAD407C764F80ABF2446671DF5D208
    CRC32: 8C5D6C67
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    Please post your logs the default location is:
    For DVDFab 11: C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab11\Log
    For Mac: /User/User name/Documents/DVDFab10/Log
    Please use attachment button and attach your most recent, Internal log and post right here.
    If it's the burning issue, please also attach burn log.