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  • Will Not install

    I have windows 7 Pro and the new rev DVDFab 10029 will not run. I installed to a folder I Made an exception with my Trend Micro. The program appears to load but will not run I get a "the program has encountered an error and must close". My subscription is good for another year. please help.
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    Are you running dvdfab " as administrator " ??


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      DVDFab 10029



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        Restart your computer in safe mode and see if dvdfab will Run.


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          Windows 10 - DVDFab only runs in SafeMode

          DVDFab will only run in safe mode. Why won't it run outside of safe mode?


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            Try doing a clean Uninstall of dvdfab and run a good registry cleaner
            Restart your computer and try reinstalling Dvdfab.
            Might also try installing into a different folder.
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              Originally posted by october262 View Post
              Try doing a clean Uninstall of dvdfab
              I agree with this. But before you do an uninstall try the suggestions below.

              Since DVDFab is running is Safe Mode all your security software is disabled.
              1. So you might try temporarily disabling your Security software in Normal mode.
              These can be your Anti Virus or any Malware software.
              It may be your firewall.
              It may even be your hosts file.

              2. Since Windows basic drivers are used in Safe Mode it is possibly a driver issue . That isn't my first suspicion.

              If disabling your Security software in Normal mode allows DVDFab to run .
              You know it is one of those & an exception may be what is needed in the offending one.
              Try enabling them one at a time & see if DVDFab will run.
              When you find the problem security software .
              Uninstall DVDFab . Only if you have one you trust run a good registry cleaner.
              Restart your computer , disable at least that security software ,and try reinstalling Dvdfab.
              Or just disable all your security software & try reinstalling Dvdfab.
              If DVDFab now runs try enabling the problem security software .
              Then try DVDfab again. If it fails you will need to make an exception for it in the problem security software.


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                Problem solved....

                I just downloaded DVDFab 10030 beta and it installed on the same system that I could not get 10029 to install on. I my never know what the problem was but I am up and running again and that is good.
                Thank for the help guys !!!!