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What determines the data size for main movie?

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  • What determines the data size for main movie?

    Just curious about this. I prefer to make a copy of movie without the extras on my computer's hard drive (and move the files onto external hard drive later) ,and burn this main movie to a blank dvd+R. If the movie is smaller than 4,7 or 4,9 GB, I use regular disc since they are much cheaper. DVDfab compresses and fits it on single layer disc. The quality of video satisfies me. If the copy on my hard drive is relatively big, (5GB or bigger), I use DL disc. I guess the question is what are the determining factors for the data size? Action movies with special affects, the play time or something else?

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    Normally, the video bitrate, audio bitrate and the runtime/ play time of the main movie determines the size of the movie.

    If you want to compress large size movie to single layer disc, you can choose DVD5 as output in Advanced Settings window, or you can still set DL disc (DVD9) for the process but select less audio/subtitle options before process starts.

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