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Updated 26 Nov.-DVDFab for Mac 8 (Beta) is out

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  • From Fengtao Updated 26 Nov.-DVDFab for Mac 8 (Beta) is out

    Dear all,

    We are very proud to release the preview version of new product: DVDFab for Mac.

    http://download.dvdfab.com/DVDFab_for_Mac_8(Beta1).pkg (updated on 26 November 2011)

    Please note: Active Internet connection is required.

    Changelog for November 26, 2011 Release

    *New: Burning added for both DVD and Blu-ray.
    *New: Subtitle idx/sub output for DVD.
    *New: License (EULA) updated.
    *New: Commandline support added.
    *Fix: A freeze problem when using OpenCL encoding.
    *Fix: Screen saver can be disabled now.
    *Fix: A freeze problem at the beginning of converting Blu-ray to DVD.
    *Fix: Several preview problems.
    *Fix: Some UI issues.
    *Fix: Some localization issues.

    Changelog for November 12, 2011 Release

    *New: Updated language files.
    *New: Merged latest Windows version changes.
    *New: Improved copying and converting performance.
    *Fix: Bad video quality problem for "Blu-ray Copy", "Blu-ray 3D Ripper" and "Blu-ray to DVD Converter".
    *Fix: A freeze problem when ripping HD audio track.
    *Fix: Failed to lanuch DVDFab in certain cases.
    *Fix: Several issues with preview.
    *Fix: No profile in TS and M2TS output of DVD Ripper.

    Changelog for October 29, 2011 Release

    *New: Updated language files.
    *New: Added internal preview.
    *New: Added our own GPU accelerated OpenCL H.264 encoder. For now it's only used in "Blu-ray Copy".
    *New: Added "Video Effect Settings" window.
    *New: Merged latest Windows version changes, like "3D Device" support.
    *New: User can try this version for another 30 days.

    Changelog for October 8, 2011 Release

    *Fix: Install may not complete in some cases.

    Changelog for September 29, 2011 Release:

    *Fix: Screen flicker problem for realtime (process) Preview when copying or converting
    *Fix: Several stability problems

    Thanks to all for the feedback, please try the update, the download link is the same.

    Platform requirement:
    Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 are supported.

    Not supported yet, you can try it free for 30 days.

    DVD Copy:
    Fully supported except for Split mode.

    DVD Ripper:
    Fully supported.

    Blu-ray Copy:
    Fully supported.

    Blu-ray Ripper:
    Fully supported.

    Blu-ray 3D Ripper:
    Fully supported.

    Blu-ray to DVD Converter:
    Fully supported.

    Video Converter:
    Fully supported.

    2D to 3D Converter:
    Fully supported.

    File Mover:
    Not supported yet.

    Specific features:
    GPU: H.264 Mac OpenCL decoding and encoding are supported.
    Report: Not supported yet.

    Some limits:
    DVD-ROM or BD-ROM drive is not supported well, we suggest to use DVD-RW or BD-RW drive.

    Please try it and give us your feedback, thanks

    Best Regards,
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