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Can ONLY download in 1080, and results are scrambled

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  • Video Downloader (new version) Can ONLY download in 1080, and results are scrambled

    I have been trying to download "Species" from Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IhA...has_verified=1

    It forces a 1080 download, even after I went and set the format to 480 (which is the largest available for this video). Once it starts, I can't find ANY way to remove it from the list, unless I allow it to work its way through downloading the entire thing, which takes hours and hours and hours. I finally resigned myself to letting it download the thing in 1080 and then converting it to 480 after it was done, but when it finishes, the results are a total mess. i can view the MGM lion roaring at the start, and then the screen changes to vertical lines of random colors that are constantly changing.

    FWIW, I tried twice -- both times I got the same result. It said I had already downloaded this in 1080, did I really want to download it in 480. I said yes and it proceeded to download it in 1080 again!

    I much prefer the older version, which lets me pull down a list of formats and select the one I want. Unfortunately, for videos like this, which require a confirmation that it's OK for me to watch it since it contains scenes unsuitable for some people, I can find no way to get the older version to work (it pops up a window asking for the confirmation, and then won't let me do anything else -- when I close that window, the main program closes!)