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    DVDFab Downloader v2.3.0.2 will not fully start

    I have had this since it came out it worked rely well , but 2 days ago it just would not load at all just a black image then it disappears
    I even restored my computers registry that did nothing so I restored the computer to a different time 3 week still no different + uninstalled 5 most recent apps still nothing
    I have try everything I know so I need a bit of help here.

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    try checking your antivirus / firewall software to see those aren't blocking
    the dvdfab downloader from starting fully.


      I have had this issue, fixed by:
      1. Uninstalled the app
      2. Deleted the folders used by the app to download to. And run CCleaner to get rid of any residuals in registry
      3.Download latest version - the full 110 MB, not the much smaller one.
      4. If using Windows Security (or equivalent) - Turn off virus real time protection
      5. install the app and if prompted by Windows Security to allow it access
      6. turn on virus real time protection