DVDFab Forum - Downloading purchased shows from Apple TV in Canada

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Downloading purchased shows from Apple TV in Canada

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    Downloading purchased shows from Apple TV in Canada

    I can't download shows that I purchased from Apple TV+, even though I'm logged in, I can download free shows. An example is "Miracle Workers".

    In "Home", I see "https://tv.apple.com", and if I click the head-and-shoulders icon I can view my profile, so I'm definitely logged in. If I search for the purchased show, it says "No Results". If I search for a free show I get the result. I haven't searched for many shows, so I don't know if it's as simple as "Free shows can be found, purchased shows can't". Adding /ca to the link doesn't help; it still shows that I'm logged in but can't find the show.

    If I get the link another way, such as googling "apple tv" "miracle workers", Streamfab detects the link (which starts with https://tv.apple.com/ca/shows) and shows the episodes, but says "failed" for every download, as if I wasn't logged in.

    Update: I'm now trying to use iTunes to download and then the DRM remover, which would eliminate the need for streamfab entirely. But, using
    DRM Removal for Apple
    iTunes (the version supported by DRM Removal)
    the removal aborts at exactly 66% for all files.


      Shows and movies purchased via iTunes, which show up under "My Library" when using AppleTV+ app on a Roku, FireTV, etc. are not available via AppleTV+ web site, and are therefore not downloadable via StreamFab.

      The AppleTV+ web site is for AppleTV+ content only. See -> https://discussions.apple.com/thread/253584622 And StreamFab can only download from the AppleTV+ web site.

      If its purchased, and viewable in iTunes, yes, DVDFab DRM Remover for Apple *MIGHT* work... however, it was discontinued some time ago because it doesn't work to remove DRM from titles that require newer iTunes versions. *IF* the show/movie on iTunes you wish to use can be played back with iTunes, then DRM Remover *MIGHT* still work.. BUT if its a newer title, DRM Remover will not. And with being discontinued, don't expect any help from FAB support.

      NOTE DRM Remover still works for iTunes Music/Apple Music for me.

      If you are looking at downloading purchased movies from iTunes, then your best option is hope they are from studies that support MoviesAnywhere, and link your iTunes, MoviesAnywhere and Amazon Prime accounts, and download from Amazon. Of course not all studios participate in MoviesAnywhere (like Paramount and Lionsgate being two of the biggest who don't), so not all movies will transfer/sync.

      If its TV Shows, or a non-MoviesAnywhere eligible movie, then your only option is screen recording, however AppleTV+ web has a limited resolution, so expect 360p or 480p at best. (this is also the reason StreamFab only offers low resolution downloads on AppleTV+)
      Last edited by KidJoe; 03-18-2023, 01:44 PM.


        Thanks. The shows can be played back with iTunes but DRM Remover still fails. I do have another solution, which is to use iTunes and record the HDMI signal with hardware. That works perfectly at 1080p, but is rather inconvenient since I have to start the recording, wait while the show plays, stop the recording, and recode to get a reasonable file size. So, one season of a series is a 2 day job. But, I guess that's my only choice.

        Actually, iTunes works that way better than most streaming programs. With other programs, the mouse pointer and some other things show during the first few seconds of playback, which is annoying. With iTunes I can restart the show by pressing the left arrow and playback is clean.


          Yeah, I have a hardware capture device too. I can use it with my Roku and FireTV. Its not as good quality as downloading the show/movie. Think of it as video taping a video tape. At least in the case of AppleTV+ it can be better than a 360p download, just not as fast and more work.

          Plus it took a while to find the "best" video bitrate to set my hardware recorder. If I set it at the max, the files are way big but everything looks great. If I set it lower, the files are smaller, but the quality isn't as good. It took a while of trial and error to keep lowering the bit rate and re-record the same show/movie to find something suitable. And it can vary from movie to movie. Movies with less action can use a lower bit rate and still look good, where as something with more motion needs higher bit rate or it gets blurred/blocky during the motion.

          So I use the hardware capture device as a last resort.

          What I haven't tried is using the hardware capture device set at max bit rates, then run the output through NVEncC to shrink them using H265. But it would be another level of processing, so again likely impact quality. I will have to try it though to see.