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How to post issues in the StreamFab section

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    From Moderator How to post issues in the StreamFab section

    How to post issues in the StreamFab section

    Please follow these guidelines when posting in the StreamFab forums

    First, you will notice that there are now topic prefixes for all the available StreamFab modules (Did you find the easter egg? ).

    If the issue is with a specific module, please select it as the topic prefix. if your issue affects multiple modules, please select StreamFab for Windows or StreamFab for Mac. With enough posts using the proper topic prefix, searching for relevant issues will also be a lot easier.

    Note: For Amazon US, Japan, Germany and UK, please use the Amazon prefix. All other countries, please use the Prime Video prefix

    When starting a topic because you are experiencing an issue, the following information is necessary:

    For All Issues
    • StreamFab Version, Platform, and OS: v6.1.5.1, Win x64, Windows 11 Pro
    • Region/Country: Canada, Native or USA, Spoofed (dns4me)
    • Steps to reproduce the issue
    • A Copy of the Unedited StreamFab.log (Find your logs from inside StreamFab: Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
Views:	1499
Size:	169 Bytes
ID:	433537--> Open Log Folder)​

    For Issues w/Downloading or Downloaded Content

    These should be included in addition to what was mentioned above.
    • A screenshot of the download pop-up after you have set all options but before clicking Add to Queue/Download Now
    • A screenshot of your relevant VIP settings (except for Amazon/Prime Video)
    The screenshots will provide a quick overview of what you are trying to download, as well as the options you chose. The settings will give extra information. If you can't provide a screenshot, then you should to list the following:
    1. Container: MP4 or MKV?
    2. Video Codec: H264 or H265? For Netflix, specify H264 Main or High or H265 SDR, HDR or DV. Same details for Max
    3. Video Bitrate: 1920x1080 @ 2675kbps
    4. Audio Profile: Stereo/Atmos/EAC3/AAC?
    5. Audio Channels: 2.0, 5.1?
    6. Audio Language: English
    We realize that a lot of that information is in the logs but regular users that are helpful and knowledgeable cannot view the log files.

    If you wish to expedite the resolution of your issue, the more people that have the facts, the more likely you are able to fix your issue quickly unless a fix needs to be applied by the development team.

    Your adherence also helps the moderation team greatly...

    Thank you!​
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    How to post issues in the StreamFab Section