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Old 02-15-2017, 03:20 AM
Diaboyos Diaboyos is offline
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I've used this method to find the correct playlist when fab chooses the wrong one. It works. Usually. But only with certain software players.

Do you know how to identify the incorrect playlist? Someone had luck recently identifying the incorrect playlist, the one a standalone will attempt to play that doesn't play correctly, deleting it, and replacing it with a copy of the correct playlist but renaming it to the name of whatever the incorrect playlist was. The player still thought it was playing the incorrect playlist when actually it was playing the correct one this way. But I don't know how to identify the incorrect playlist.
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Old 02-21-2017, 06:06 PM
lfogassy lfogassy is offline
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I think once you have identified the correct playlist, other playlists that show the exact same movie length same as the correct playlist would be the incorrect ones. Or, there may be multiple correct playlists just to add to the confusion. I have seen some titles with well over 25 playlists that all show the same length. My backups are all movie only, so there is only one playlist on the backup copy. Not sure what you meant by the standalone player substituting a different playlist. Unless you are making a full backup, there would only be one playlist on the disc. I have used the Procmon method on every backup I make and it seems to be very reliable. There were only two titles I backed up where DVDFab selected the wrong one, but I do this check on every title now as a routine procedure. Not sure how well this would work with other software players, since I only use Power DVD 12 for checking.
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Old 02-21-2017, 06:23 PM
lfogassy lfogassy is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 8

Btw, I have made full backups of several movies on my HD, created a miniso using DVDFab Virtual Drive, then played mounted title with Power DVD. One specific one I remember that played the full backup out of sequence is Mechanic: Resurrection. The movie only backup using the Procmon method played the proper sequence, but the full backup (which lets the player select the correct playlist) did not. I did this twice just as a check. Both times, wrong sequence. This may have been corrected in DVDFab updates since then (this was using a full movie backup made with DVDFAb back in December 2016). I have not tried this with the most current version, but seems like they may still have some work to do to select the proper playlist/playback sequence. I might pull out my original and do a full copy backup again just to check.
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Old 02-22-2017, 02:37 AM
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Please upload all the files of the orignal disc except *.m2ts files.


Please post your logs the default location is:
For DVDFab9_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab9\Log
For DVDFab10_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab10\Log
For Mac: /User/User name/Documents/DVDFab10/Log
Please use attachment button and attach your most recent, Internal log and post right here.
If it's the burning issue, please also attach burn log.

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