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  • DRM Removal for Movies gaurdians of the galaxy vol.2

    Ok dadfab version 10050, earlier today windows had update, after that when the drm is getting movie from iTunes it used to close iTunes after starting process, now iTunes stays open and can not close it. After drm process and going to creator it will either hang or close up, with error box which I sent in to you. have tried at least 5 times to burn same problem, if you need other logs let me know.
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    did you try restarting your computer after doing the windows update ??


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      Yes it update required restart, have version 10051 downloaded the movie again this time it worked. But one question before when starting the drm process and it got the movies from iTunes it would be a quick popup of iTunes then disappear, now iTunes library stays open during the complete process is this the new normal. screen shot enclosed there is now way for me to close iTunes if I force a stop drm looses movie. Click image for larger version

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        what happens if you just pressed the - button, does it still lose the movie ??


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          I have to use process mgr.. to stop iTunes, clicking on the X to close or right clicking on the taskbar icon does not work. If I close it by process process mgr. iTunes will close but also the drm stops. Never had this happen out of 25 movies so far.