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FAQ for burning DVD-R

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  • FAQ for burning DVD-R

    Q: Which burning engines can I use with DVDFab.
    A: VSO Burning SDK is included with the installation of DVDFab. You can also configure DVDFab to use ImgBurn or Nero.

    Q: What burning speed should I use?
    A: This really depends on your dvd writer and blank media. Using an older model burner and poor quality media, yes, burning at 4x may prove to be the best speed. With newer models of burners and high quality media, burning at 8x and 12x many times will yield better results. In general I would recommend burning at half the rated speed of your burner or blank media, whichever is slower. However there are many exceptions to this rule.

    Q: Should I use ImgBurn AWS [auto write speed] function?
    A: This depends. By default AWS will try to write at MAX. This is not recommended. However if you set the AWS for each dvd writer and MID [media identification] then ImgBurn will automatically write your dvd at the preselected speed for each different MID in each different writer.

    Q: How do I set the booktype of +R media to -R?
    A: You cant. Original Pressed DVD-Video is DVD-ROM. To increase the compatibility of +R media you can Bitset the lead-in so when read by dvd players the +R will appear to be DVD-ROM. DVD-R does not have this feature and not all dvd writers support this feature. For drives which support auto booktype, ImgBurn is already set by default to Bitset DVD+R media to DVD-ROM.

    Q: Does ImgBurn create a graph of my burn?
    A: Yes, by default ImgBurn will create a write graph for every burn. To display the graph you will need to buy DVDInfo Pro.

    Q: Can I get the graphs for free?
    A: Yes, find a program at the ImgBurn forum called BurnPlot. Also you can get Nero CD-DVD Speed and do a Create Disc selecting your ISO as source. CD-DVD speed will display a real time graph with some very useful information.

    Q: How do I know if I am getting a good burn?
    A: If you want to take the extra time be sure to use the verify feature. ImgBurn will read the dvd-r and check the data against the source file to ensure it is properly read. Now this does not mean your dvd player will be able to read it, just that your dvd writer can read the dvd-r.

    Q: Can I check the burn quality?
    A: Yes, using almost any Lite-On dvd writer or select BenQ [1620, 1640, 1650, 1655] you can do what is called a Quality Scan. Download Nero CD-DVD Speed >Here< and CD-DVD Speed for iHAS models >Here<

    Q: What speed should I perform the Quality Scan.
    A: Using a Lite-On 4x is most common and BenQ is 8x.

    Q: Are there any other drives which support Quality Scanning?
    A: Yes, however they are not very popular types of drives and/or require making registry changes which I do not want to discuss.

    Q: What about crossflashing a Plextor 740A to BenQ 1640?
    A: Yes, you can crossflash many drives with different firmware, there is alot of information about this on the web, use Google.

    Q: How do I set the layer break?
    A: Using VSO you don't. Using ImgBurn you will receive a Layer Break window, just select the best position.

    Q: Which brand of disc should I use?
    A: Genuine Taiyo Yuden 1x-8x DVD+R media with the MID of YUDEN000T02. This can only be found online at stores such as Rima, Meritline and Supermediastore. also highly recommended is Verbatim 1x-16x DVD-R MCC03RG20 and Verbatim 1x-16x DVD+R MCC004

    Q: What about Dual Layer media.
    A: The only DL media I recommend is Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL media with the MID of MKM 003.

    Q: Should I buy Taiyo Yuden Value line.
    A: Not if you are expecting the same quality as Genuine Premium Quality media.

    Q: How do I know what the MID is of my dvd-r?
    A: Use Nero CD-DVD Speed or ImgBurn, either one will tell you.

    Q: What can I do to help produce good burns?
    A: Defragment your hard drive regularly. Don't burn too fast. Do not use your computer while burning, even downloading while burning is not recommended. Your hard drive must supply data to your dvd burner, so the more you are doing the more likely you can have buffer underrun errors.

    Q: Where can I get a new burner?
    A: Newegg and Tigerdirect are two nice online retailers of computer components. There are many good sites to find deals, you need to shop around.

    Q: What brands of burner should I get?
    A: Optiarc, Pioneer and Lite-On are currently the better brands and can be had for about $30.

    Q: Does ImgBurn create a log file?
    A: By default DVDFab saves the logs in C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\DVDFab\Log .You can find ImgBurn logs in ImgBurn Help Menu, ImgBurn Logs.

    Q: Why can I not burn any faster than 1x or why does it take 2 hours to rip a dvd to the hard drive.
    A: You need to reset UDMA mode for your IDE drives. Go into DVDFab common settings, general tab, click the RESET DMA button.
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