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DVDFab Registration Key Problems?

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  • DVDFab Registration Key Problems?

    Administrator's Note:
    Please be aware that some of the information in this post is not up-to-date for DVDFab v8+. A new and revised version will be posted in the General Questions sub-forum soon.

    Firstly where did you buy it from?

    DVDFab.com is the only authorised site. THERE ARE NO OTHERS !!! The "Buy Now" link will take you to DVDFab.net where the purchase will be completed.

    If you did not purchase from the above you may have been SCAMMED and the DVDFab database may have no record of your email address.

    To obtain your registration key for the current or earlier versions of DVDFab, go here http://www.dvdfab.com/retrieveregkey.htm , enter your email address used for the purchase and select the version of DVDFab for which you need a new key from the dropdown selector. If you have changed your email address since purchasing, go here http://www.dvdfab.com/contact.htm and select "Change Email" from the dropdown.

    If you are having problems with your registration key not sticking, please try this:-
    1. Uninstall the current version that you have installed.
    2. Download the latest version [or current beta] and save it to your desktop.
    3. Right click on the installation file and select "Run as Administrator"
    4. Close down DVDFab if it opens after installing
    5. Open your registration file and copy the serial number
    6. Right click on the Fab Icon and again select "Run as Administrator"
    7. Paste the registration number in where required (without the asteriscs*****)
    8. When the installer finishes, it asks whether you wish to start DVD Fab, DO NOT DO THIS. Untick the check box and click the Finish button.
    You then should be able to run Fab normally from the icon.

    If still having problems, you may have to activate the Administrator account on your computer and actually log in as Administrator and carry out the above process.

    All should now be good

    Also, there is another method to enter your registration key and this has method has been contributed by my good colleague, W&B.

    If having problems with key registration after the copy and paste method try the "double click" method by following the steps below:

    1. From your E-mail download the key attachment to your desktop.
    2. With DVDFab closed, Double click the All-in-One Key.DVDFab6. DVDFab should open registered to you. Click the ? in the top right corner, then 'About' and under *licensee*will be your info. If you get a pop up (Pic 1) "Select Program from a List". Click Ok.
    3.If you see the DVDFab6 icon in box above click it. If not click Browse to the right. (Pic 2)
    4. Click My Computer>>>Local Disc C:>>>Program Files Or if running a 64x system Programs 86x
    5. Open the DVDFab6 folder and Click DVDFab.exe. Click ok. Fab should open automatically and be registered.
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