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Tutorial: Make "Blu-ray to DVD" w/ "DTS Audio"

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    Tutorial: Make "Blu-ray to DVD" w/ "DTS Audio"

    In this example we are convert SAW 7 Unrated BD

    First we need DVDfab Blue-ray to DVD:

    Please use DVD9 even if you need a DVD5!
    A DVD5 output is not fit for DTS Audio.
    You can convert the DVD9 in the last into a DVD5

    please wait...

    still waiting...


      if the job is done (~1-2h later ) now we need to load the output with "DVDfab DVD Ripper" and the "VOB Passtrough" profil.

      we get a file called "SAW_UR_BD.Title1.vob"!


        now we need DVDfab "Blue-ray Ripper".
        please use the "Audio" und "audio.copy" profilmap

        we get a file called "SAW7_UR_BD.Title5.4352.dts"


          Download eac3to and unrar this archiv
          click twice @ > "COMMANDLINE.BAT".
          the commandline will start...

          now we copy "SAW7_UR_BD.Title5.4352.dts" and "SAW_UR_BD.Title1.vob" in the eac3to directory


            rename "SAW7_UR_BD.Title5.4352.dts" in "DTSMASTER.dts" and the Videofile "SAW_UR_BD.Title1.vob" in "SAW7.VOB"

            now we create the audiofile, type in the commandline

            eac3to [QUELLDATEINAME] [AUSGABENAME] -core

            in our exapmle

            eac3to DTSMASTER.dts DTSCORE_DE.dts -core

            for an alternative ac3 track:
            eac3to DTSMASTER.dts DOLBY_DE.ac3 -192 / -448 oder -640
            (the number is the ac3 audio Bitrate)

            eac3to will work few seconds and extract from DTSCORE_DE.dts a DVD compatible DTS audio file.


              now the videofile.

              please use this command:
              eac3to [QUELLDATEINAME] -demux

              in our example:
              eac3to SAW7.vob -demux

              you get a file called "SAW7 - 1 - MPEG2, 480p24.m2v" , the ac3 file you can delete. subtitle you can find in the "*.SUP" files.


                now you must have a folder like this...:


                  please start the "ReJig.exe" from the eac3to directory and after that "DVD Author"


                    now we are finished:

                    the first box is the path to the "*.m2v" file. (demuxed videofile)
                    the second box s the audiofile

                    we have a NTSC dvd so please choose NTSC!

                    and "Subpicture" is for your "*.SUP" subtitle files

                    the last box is the path for your output!

                    congratulation now you have a dts dvd in better qualitat as the best official release (DTS with 1509kbit, sale = max 768kbit)

                    Editor's Note:
                    Thanks Moonie for this thorough and detailed guide. Users should note that this feature is not included in DVDFab due to the possibility of playback problems on some players. The resultant output may not be 100% DVD-Video compliant.