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Top Contributors List of Blu-ray Meta Info Project -- March 28th, 2016

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  • From Meta Info Team Top Contributors List of Blu-ray Meta Info Project -- March 28th, 2016

    DVDFab is now open for all users to upload Blu-ray Meta Info. The Blu-ray Meta Info will help users to distinguish seasons, episodes, even the trailer of the movie in the out put video files in a file folder. What's more, Blu-ray Meta Info will make significant sense while managing movie backups and rips with a media server such as Plex or Serviio.

    The latest OFFICIAL Version Of DVDFab has supported different languages in meta upload now. All users have Blu-ray products may join the project!

    The following is a picture to show how the customized Blu-ray Meta Info works with TV show Blu-ray discs.

    If you directly output the original TV show Blu-ray disc into MKV, there would be only one or several titles and the media server will read it as a title but not a season disc.
    The customized Blu-ray Meta Info will help your media server or player to get the correct season and episode info of the disc.

    For Blu-ray Movie discs, the customized Blu-ray Meta Info will help your Media Server and player to recognize each title of your disc accurately such as main title, start title, useless title, advertisement or even the menu part. The Blu-ray Meta Info helps your player and media server know more about the disc. Users can choose to play the main movie or certain clips of the disc as they wish.

    Blu-ray Meta Info project aims to benefit all media player, media server users and helps them to manage Blu-ray movies in a smarter way.

    The uploaded Meta Info will be stored and shared in DVDFab server forever. Every user may use the already existed customized Blu-ray meta info on the server and output more intelligent movie file with DVDFab.

    DVDFab Meta Info is offering a stage for users to share and win benefits together. USERS UPLOAD, AND THEY USE THE UPLOADS TOGETHER. Let's upload Meta Info Together!

    Uploading meta info will gain scores ( FCs) accordingly. The FCs can be used to seckill Amazon Gift Card.

    Top Contributors of Meta Info:

    1. pinhead6 > 1200 Uploads
    2. bemwen > 1000 Uploads
    3. cyberharfang > 500 Uploads

    4. frank_castle_de
    5. bobfin
    6. darkore
    7. bravedave2016
    8. tv21
    9. wilson
    10.syznow >100 Uploads

    The forum admin will update special title for meta contributors in every two weeks.

    Currently, there are thousands of meta info in DVDFab Meta Info data base. These Meta Info will be kept safe on DVDFab secure server forever. Blu-ray Meta Info will show the details for each title of a disc. This will help users to decide what to copy or rip after the disc is loaded by DVDFab.

    For media server users, the meta info will help server to know what is each video clip about, for example, users can easily see the season and episode details in a media server player with the help of meta info.

    We hereby pay special thanks to every contributor!
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    Great Thanks to all contributors, we are glad to see the ranking changes. According to contributor's feedback, the software will be modified to support more languages accordingly.


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      The software will support more languages in meta upload very soon. And the campaign will open to users world wide in this week!