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  • From Meta Info Team Winner's List of Meta Info Upload Contest

    As of Feb. 21, DVDFab Meta Upload Competition has successfully dropped its curtain. During the campaign,we've got over 3600 uploads of metadata for different Blu-ray movies and TV Shows, which is quite impressive. Now we are announcing the winners list, and will soon reach out to all the contributors for the delivery of awards. Congratulations to all the contributors and thank you for your contribution made to the entire DVDFab community. Our staff will contact you personally to deliver the amazon gift card.

    Click the link to check the winner's list:

    1. The above list is just a small portion of the participants, we will contact all the contributors one by one for the award delivery, no matter how many uploads they've made and how much reward they've gained.
    2. The over 3600 uploads we've got in the campaign are far away from being enough, which means, contributors can continue with their uploads and get FCs after the campaign.
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