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Dear Meta Contributor, please confirm your reward for Meta Upload Campaign

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  • From Meta Info Team Dear Meta Contributor, please confirm your reward for Meta Upload Campaign

    Good morning, all DVDFab users,

    The last Meta Upload Campaign has ended successfully on Feb. 20, 2016. In the campaign, we are glad to see thousands of meta info uploaded on to DVDFab Meta Info server.
    We have worked out the winners list and published it at the first time. As Amazon Gift card are varied by countries, our team has to confirm the Amazon Gift Card to winners one by one. Hereby, i would like to remind you to check your mail box to confirm this.

    We also get great feedback and ideas from meta contributors:

    Most top contributors are movie fans, they got thousands of discs for collecting purpose. It's awesome. They think Meta Info will help other users to know what to copy or rip at first time.

    When a user inserts a BD TV show disc in the drive, DVDFab will load the disc and Meta Info (If the disc meta info has been uploaded).

    With Meta Info, users can know what is each title about without previewing them. Just select the wanted title and start the ripping process. The ripped files will be named with meta info. Users can see the meta info in media server or media player.

    According to user's feedback, we will make the following modifications to make the meta info upload process shorter:

    1. add the auto save feature. This helps users to recover all edited content in case of sudden halt or incident of the software.
    2. add more meta info type, to enrich the meta info content.
    3. use more fair FC calculating method.
    4. FCs will be used to seckill Amazon Gift Card ( in planning)

    We have added the searching function in Meta Info Data Base. Any user may go to http://metainfo.dvdfab.cn to search the name of a disc to see whether the disc meta info has been uploaded. This is the instant way to know whether the disc on your hands has been uploaded with meta info.

    Meta Info will be uploaded on to DVDFab secure server and saved forever. This is something like disc wiki library, the useful meta info data base is created by users and used by users. Let's make it big.

    What's your idea on the project? What is the proper reason you uploaded a meta info? Please feel free to post your reply here.
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