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What is FC, and how it can be used?

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  • From Meta Info Team What is FC, and how it can be used?

    FC is shorted for Fab coins, a kind of score rewarded by DVDFab when the user upload meta info for Blu-ray discs.
    FCs is a kind of honor, top contributor always has more FCs. and how can it be used?
    Currently, users may not use FCs, but users can use them very soon.
    Firstly, users may use it to seckill Amazon Gift Cards as described in the page:

    Get Cash in FC Store (Available when Meta Collection feature is officially released): Users with DVD level and above can spend 1 FC to seckill Amazon Gift Card at the 9:00 AM on the first day of each month. Note that DVD users can only seckill $20 Amazon Gift Card, likewise, $50 Amazon Gift Card for BD users, and $100 Amazon Gift Card for UHD users. Bear in mind: the stock is limited.

    Mostly, the amazon gift card will be sent after you successfully seckilled an Amazon Gift Card.

    The plan is still under-working, what can i do?

    Just upload Meta Info and get higher scores (FCs).