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Spend 1 FC to get Amazon Gift Card

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  • From Meta Info Team Spend 1 FC to get Amazon Gift Card

    In order to reward meta contributors, the Amazon Gift Card seckilling campaign shall be available at 9:00 AM (GMT) on April 6th, 2016. Are you ready to get an Amazon Gift Card? Please check the following link for more details:


    This plan allows users belongs to different user group to seckill different Amazon Gift Card. So users need to check the user group first, then seckill the Amazon Gift Card.

    Please select the amazon website you often used and submit your email address. You will receive mails to notify the amazon gift card or notify the success of the seckilling, and our staff will contact you for further info if you choose other as an Amazon Gift Card option.

    If you failed to seckill an amazon gift card, please don't worry, you can come here next month.

    The campaign shall be available on at 9:00 AM (GMT) on 1st of each month.

    If you are not qualified to join the campaign, please try to upload meta info to get more FCs. How to upload a Meta Info?
    Please check the following link: