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Are You Qualified to Seckill an Amazon Gift Card in Meta Info Project?

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  • From Meta Info Team Are You Qualified to Seckill an Amazon Gift Card in Meta Info Project?

    The Meta Info project has been on for sometime, and in order to feed back to old users and contributors for their excellent Meta Info uploads, DVDFab starts the monthly reward plan for Meta Contributors.

    That is the Amazon Gift Card Seckilling Campaign, which will start on 9:00 AM GMT on the 1st day of each month. Don't miss it if you are qualified to seckill an Amazon Gift Card with only 1 FC.

    Check the detailed plan at:

    How do i know if i am qualified to get the reward?

    Login your Meta Info account at: http://metainfo.dvdfab.cn and you will see the user group on the right sidebar.

    Then select the Amazon Gift Card which is available for the user group you belonged to.

    Users belonged to UHD user group will have more chance to win gift card. Why? Because they are top contributors made significant contribution to the Meta Info project. The general principle is to upload more Met Info, get more chance to win awards.

    Let's have a quick view on the how to upgrade to higher user group:
    Up load Meta Info for discs is the fastest way to get higher user group and FC ranking.

    UHD User Group: Users with over 80000FCs ( Upload Meta Info for over 80 discs)
    BD User Group: Users with 20000-80000FCs (Upload Meta Info for 20-80 discs)
    DVD User Group: Users with 6000-20000 FCs (Upload Meta Info for 6-20 discs)

    If you want to get higher user group, just start uploading Meta Info for your Blu-ray discs.

    Blu-ray Meta Info is just the user created meta data for a Blu-ray disc with DVDFab, which is totally owned and controlled by user. Blu-ray Meta Info to Blu-ray disc is what Book remarks to a Book. The Meta Info project is to help users to distinguish different parts of a movie or TV show exactly. Users can easily find the season number, movie name or more info in the name of output files, or simply after the disc is loaded by DVDFab.

    Wanna learn more about Meta Info?
    Here are some articles for reference:
    What is Meta Info and Why Should We Upload Them?
    Top 20 Blu-ray Titles That Needs Meta Info.
    Step by Step Guide on How to Upload Meta Info with DVDFab.
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