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Season Disc, different seasons on one disc.

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  • Suggestions Season Disc, different seasons on one disc.

    I haven't run into this yet on Blu-ray, but I have on regular DVDs. There are situations where I have seen multiple seasons on one disc.

    Some examples of this might be the Looney Tunes DVDs, or MythBusters.

    Where they go by year instead of a season number.

    MythBusters Season 2003 Episode 1 – Jet Assisted Chevy
    Looney Tunes Season 1929 Episode 1 – Bosco the Talk-Ink Kid

    I thought this might be worth mentioning since I just noticed that the seasons are linked in the meta info edit window. (If you change the season number of one entry, it changes all entries to match that)

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    Yeah, that is something I have been worried about as well.

    So far, I have yet to see a disc where that is the case though.

    But I agree, I could definitely also see that happening. Especially now that there seem to be starting a trend from low cost companies to release non-HD tv-shows on Blu-ray, where the amount of episodes that could potentially fit a disc could span multiple seasons.