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  • General Question No Meta Data for Doctor Strage Blu-ray 3D

    How can I download meta data for this dic?

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    If there is no meta info, you can contribute to help, thanks
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        Originally posted by defiantxab View Post
        First you will need to enable metadata contributions by selecting a display name within the application. To do that, click the down arrow in the upper right of the interface (near the minimize button) and hit "Common Settings". Then, on the General tab, hit "Meta". Check the "I want to be a contributor" box and specify a name to be shown as for discs you contributed to. Hit "Not now" (The Learn More takes you to an outdated guide for DVDFab 9) and then "OK" to close out of the settings interface.

        Now, load up your blu-ray if you haven't already. On the interface, next to where it says the name of the disc, there will be an icon with the letter "M" on it. Click that to open the metadata interface. From there, you can preview each track and identify what it is from the list of categories and subcategories. Once you've gone through all the titles, hit upload at the bottom.