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Title info from disk images

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    General Question Title info from disk images

    DVDFab Ripper v12. Windows 10
    When I rip a title from a physical DVD I can get episode information. However, if I try using an ISO image of the same disk no episode information is found. I've tried creating an ISO using DVDFab Copy, WinX DVD Copy and DVD Decrypter.
    Should I try copying to DVD folders instead?
    I'd like to use some sort of DVD image so that I can set up a number of tasks to run over night.

    Sorry for the trouble, we will check the issue.
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      I have seen this as well, even under version 11.

      For TV shows I like to back up the disk to an ISO and then rip the episodes from that iso for use on DVDFAB Media server as that runs much faster.than ripping from the disk.

      It appears that meta-data is not retrieved unless the source is a physical disk.