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New firmware coming tomorrow

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    started a topic New firmware coming tomorrow

    New firmware coming tomorrow

    There will be a new Official Release firmware out tomorrow, provided direct to the box via OTA update. Please try it and report, your results are needed.

    I have tested it and existing data is preserved. Also some improvements in the Manager and some other things.

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    Hi Rathien
    The Official Release (2 February) is v2.0.1.2 (different from the earlier 2012), and I have it on my box. But the DVDFab developers identified a problem with the SMB configuration and have pulled the written release link from the forum and website until it has been corrected. The release notes for it are great and I think I can share those with you, but I can''t supply the download link. It will be fixed and re-released for download in a few days. I can tell you that the new 2012 is a great improvement and the DMS Manager is also better. The information you enter or edit in the manager is preserved and sent to the box almost instantly, just exit the poster page to the main page, then re-enter with the Movies icon and the changes should be visible. There are still some naming and database issues. And it stays in the box, so it is available without having to re-download it when the box boots.

    Here is the changelog from the release:

    Originally posted by Juice
    DVDFab Movie Server Changelog:
    • Added the support to create playlists featuring various filtering terms;
    • Added the UI support for TVs with 4K@60Hz 420 12bit output (please enable the HDMI Deep Color on the TV);
    • Added the playback support on TVs with 4K@24Hz 444 12bit bt2020 HDR output (please enable the HDMI Deep Color on the TV);
    • Added the support to recreate media library under the TV mode;
    • Added the support the scan the media library under the TV mode;
    • Added the support for the DMS Manager to re-scrape the metadata for formerly unidentified files;
    • Added the support to retain the formerly scraped data even the HDD has been switched;
    • Added the support the network IP Control(Control 4).DevelopDoc:https://s3.amazonaws.com/dl-dvdfab/d...l+Document.pdf;
    • Redesigned the UI style, ushering in two sets of built-in skins;
    • Improved the OSD style to support to display the Color Depth, Chroma Subsampling, Gamut, Frame Rate and Resolution of the current HDMI output;
    • Fixed the problem that the DMS Manager does not support multi-server management;
    • Fixed the problem that the pop menus of certain sources cannot be dismissed;
    • Fixed the problem that new HDD is detected upon startup because certain HDDs load up slowly;

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  • Raethien
    Did this occur, the link 'new beta firmware' was updated with 1/31 but the download link gives access denied, and the OTA is saying I have the latest. (Or was this a different version for people who didn't load 1012?
    Thanks looking forward to getting my system usable again.

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