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    I had 300 episodes left to assign to tv series startrek and stargate when the cloud crashed on me big time. I've tried refreshing from Media Player and the cloud and none of the remaining episodes are showing up. From the cloud it shows only 5 tv series (not all episodes there) and zero movies. media player says 70 tv series that's about 100 shy off what I have. gave up counting the movies as there should be around 800 - 900. I do know that some of the posters are wrong even after they were fixed a week earlier.
    My question is: How the hell can I fix this without having to start all over again. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT 2500 episodes to be assigned and GO THROUGH ABOUT 900 movies fixing posters and deleting episodes showing up as movies.
    This is 4th time I've had to re-do it from scratch. I'll not be impressed if I have to do it a 5th time.
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    I'm sorry for that, but you don't need to edit it again. Please PM me your DVDFab email account, and I will push dev to fix it asap.
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      fengtao, pm sent
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        Click image for larger version

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        fengtao what is the purpose of setting these directory paths?


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          Every time I go on the cloud now, I get the same message.
          "The server "DVDFab Movie Server" is offline.
          DMS Manager will automatically try to reconnect to this server".

          Just wondering if there is a problem on your end or mine.
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            That has happened to me several times. When I re-start my PC, I can (usually) reconnect. Occasionally I have to restart the MS. Definitely a bug in the firmware.


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              Mines doing it too!


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                it appears to be working again. 16 hours since it didn't work
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                  Mine came up after a windows update forced a reboot!


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                    I gave up waiting for something to happen, so I went through all my TV series making sure that the formatting was correct to be recognized by dms. Now that was a good idea because I found a few episodes missing and some double episodes were named as 1 episode. Some of the series were empty bar 1 episode of 0 bytes in every season. After all this was done I did a reset to default.
                    It looked great at first, I suddenly have all my TV series (198) showing. Then I went to check the video section, greatly reduced compared to previous times.

                    Now came the next surprise. 12 out of 13 season under videos, another had 10 seasons correct but 6 episodes were under videos and the list goes on. Maybe Admin can explain it. All naming conventions are the same as specified on forums home page.

                    Now that I'm waiting for some sort of response to this matter I'll start editing my 1000 or so movies and putting /correcting dates as I noticed some of these were out by up to 2-3 years.
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                      I ended up editing all my files, renaming them all to suit the db used by DMS. I ended up with over 200 videos not recognized. The total babylon 5 series wasn't recognized and some Danish ones to, that is because some of them do not exist in the db. I was able to find them in imdb.

                      2 problems I did find was:

                      tv series (that I did not have) season 3 no episodes. I have deleted it and hope that this does not come back to bite me in the ass.
                      I'm unable to separate The killing season (2016) from the Danish series: The killing (2007). any advice would be appreciated.

                      /mnt/sata/sata1/DVDFab/tv series/T/The killing season (2016)/Season 1/

                      /mnt/sata/sata1/DVDFab/tv series/Danish/The Killing (2007)/Season 1/

                      /mnt/sata/sata1/DVDFab/tv series/Danish/The Killing (2007)/Season 2/

                      /mnt/sata/sata1/DVDFab/tv series/Danish/The Killing (2007)/Season 3/ Title


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