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Allow us to rip discs with the ability to create Movie Server meta files.

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  • Feature Request Allow us to rip discs with the ability to create Movie Server meta files.

    I've found that I cannot rip TV series directly to the movie server, as this will cause DVDFab to crash trying to copy the files about 20% of the time. This has been submitted with crash reports for over a year, and it doesn't appear that it will be fixed.

    The workaround I've found is that if I rip the TV series locally first, and then copy them over the network to the movie server, then I can get the task done without DVDFab crashing. However, DVDFab won't rip the meta files for the movie server when it creates the files locally.

    Can we have a "Create Movie Server meta file" option when ripping to a local drive, please?

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    I agree this would be a helpful function. In the meantime, I keep a set of generic metafiles on my PC (one for movie and one for TVShow) for just such a purpose. When I have to manually transfer a file to the MS, I copy the generic meta file over, give it an identical name to the actual movie file, then fill in the data in the metafile. The discid field will be blank, but it will work anyway. This. combined with naming the file per the recommended schema, should get things scraped correctly (at least, it does under firmware 1010....


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      I'm unfortunately on 1020.