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Development Update--9 July 2018

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    From DVDFab Movie Server Team Development Update--9 July 2018

    Dear DMS users:

    Thanks for supporting DMS and trying the different versions. After the release of v1031, I am preparing for the work of next version,
    and listed below is the general plan:

    1.More accurate scraper results for TV series and Movie, which are the important work always
    2.An in-app (local) function for repairing / correcting metadata of TV series
    3.Control for collections, include create, move, edit actions
    4.Repair the slow opening Movies or TV shows
    5.Allow more customization for posters and backgrounds
    6.Local (html) manager will return, and have the same function as remote web

    Among our DMS users, there are some developers and others with advanced skills, and in order to let more users participate into the development course of DVDFab Movie Server, we decide to make more information public to the users, including and not limited to:

    1. Provide the DMS API, with this, advanced users can develop ways to control DMS in specialized / custom operating environments
    2. Provide the source code of web manager, including documentation and instructions for use

    Nice I like open API's, to add to the feature list:
    1) Enable DVDFab to write to the NAS location specified by Movie Server (and auto-add etc)
    2) When ripped with DVDFab, leave an inf or similar file that tells Movie Server explicitly what movie it is for matching.
    3) Still have some 4k hiccups, but your looking into it, again if I can provide any diagnostics please let me know.
    4) Haven't validated so if its gone please ignore, but first play of a movie from NAS always yields in an error (looks like connection is expected to be open but its closed), retry always works but shouldn't have to hit retry!
    5) If this is already possible please let me know otherwise, leave tv shows in Disc format, but have inf files that tell it where to play a given episode, i.e. track 7 is 'blah blah' so it looks like separate mkv files but is one on disk file, with direct chapter access. Improved next episode for binge watching

    Thanks for all the work I really hope we can get over my last 4k hurdles as its all that I buy now just to get the HDR and improved audio tracks.


      sounds like a good plan..please add alpha/transparency control for the movie backgrounds .. i would like more visible backgrounds like in fw 1010.



        I really appreciate the offer of the DMS API and Web Manager source code. Helping solve problems is made easier when we can provide detailed intelligent results from our inquiry. What would you like from us in order to be able to get the API and Source Code?

        I think the general plan for the next update will respond to many of us that have been on the roller coaster for the last year. I look forward to it.

        Thank you,



          I have recently applied the V1031. Unfortunately, with the application of the new DMS I have lost all functionality in updating my movie database (some 1400 +). I find the cloud application very slow and it does not load my collection, consequently I cannot edit the data. It does not automatically catalogue my movies, and some it does not even recognise. Now I have a box that I can only use as a HDD storage box. Similarly, I have noted that when I was able to get into editing the metadata it does not provide for user input - rather preset responses, e.g. I was previously able to manually input (and save) MPAA data and collection details. As I am in Australia our rating system is not equivalent to that provided in the new DMS - we have additional ratings of M (equivalent to PG-13) and MA (which is 15 plus). I am hoping that when the local function for updating is reinstated I again have a useful tool for managing my movies.