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    After installing ver. 1037 I did a rebuild database.

    When looking at web page (https://dms.dvdfab.cn/), I thought, Fantastic. You seemed to have sorted out the problems from previous version, that was until I had a closer look.

    Under Videos I only found 11, all from Star Wars: The clone wars. Than I tried to edit their meta data.
    Total failure as it was impossible to edit them. Unable to edit anything.

    Unfortunately web page still does not reflected on DMS.


    Dani's house, Power + ice, Sand hogs are actually Star Wars: The clone wars and belong under Tv series
    Tanked is Supposed to be The Sarah Jane adventures and belong under Tv series
    I survived a zombie apocalypse Should have been Izombie and belong under Tv series
    Hyperspace (2001) has 2 posters
    Chain of command, Recreation, The delicate instrument and Red white & blue belong to Wing Commander Academy and belong under Tv series
    "Battle of britain (1969)" and "The battle of britain (2010)" Keeps same poster doesn't matter what you do.
    Miles should be A-X-L (2018)
    Battlestar Galactica (2003) belongs under Tv series and has chinese title
    BattleStar Galactica: The Last Frakkin' Special (2009) Have no poster
    (2 of) V: The final Battle (1984) Should be under Tv series
    V: Miniseries (1983) Should also belong under Tv series

    Just Checked (, This was even worse. Over 1500 videos.

    Had a look at DMS videos, gave up counting. Had TV series and movies. A couple of movies that I checked were OK on web page (https://dms.dvdfab.cn/).

    So the question is: WHICH ONE IS CORRECT??????

    Just started update data base to see if there are any changes.

    No change after update, at least I can edit from DMS.
    (9 of) Wing Commander Movies. 1 is a movie, rest belong in Tv series under Wing commander academy
    8mm (1999) Has 13 movies in it. Lots of other problems are still there reported in previous firmware updates.
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    hi, ejm

    I am sadly to hear that .

    So the question is: WHICH ONE IS CORRECT??????
    In current version, we focus on the local web manager, and DMS(dms.dvdfab.cn) problem wiil be check in the future.

    Please send me your log by using "Download log" to me, I will check it.



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      Sent logs. will redo data base from scratch again.
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        After fixing the problem from logs, these are the results.

        https://dms.dvdfab.cn has 958 movies, 242 Tv series and 23 videos (no change) has 660 movies, 226 Tv series and 1370 videos.

        DMS has loads of videos gave up counting when I hit 700.

        THE ONLY thing that has changed, is that you can edit from web page(s). Nothing has really changed from my original post, in actual fact it has gotten worse. I have now found another (4) movies under the same collection with the same name. Also more tv series with wrong name/poster than before.

        Still end up with 3 different results.
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          Just started to watch a movie, stopped it because there was no problems watching it. It took ages to pull out (showed a black screen). After this happened I went to history (what I watched last) to play it again. No listing for previously watched. Search gave no result and then i went in under "all", and DMS crashed and wanted to re boot.
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