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Disappearing NFS media files on LAN

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  • Disappearing NFS media files on LAN

    I bought the DVDFab Movie Server about 3weeks ago. I was able to set it up and activate it without any problem. Having set the address to, my LAN (Ethernet connection) was detected and I was able to establish NFS paths to the movie folders on the 2 computers on my network where most of my movies reside. I could play the movies I tried and then the task seemed a simple one to rearrange the movies in such a way that was optimum for the Movie Server. Unfortunately, for some reason, the server has lost the capability of recognizing the media files. (almost exclusively .mkv files). When I add or edit a network path, the media folders are identified both by the DVDFab Movie Server and by the web based manager. Windows 10 File Explorer sees the server as DVDFab Movie Server and the router sees it as dvdfab-414260252cc6079c. Earlier it had seen it asAndroid_B12610. The media files are identified by Windows 10 File Explorer both on the sata drive and any drive attached to a back panel usb socket.

    When I try to update a network path, nothing happens. Presumably the folders are seen as empty. I know my Hanewin NFS server works as it functions with my previous movie server (WDTVLive - configured as WDLXTV). The NFS server control panel sees the device as mounted under the Android_B12610 name and with the appropriate media folders as having been exported.

    When I first communicated the problem to DVDFab support, I was told the problem would be reported. I followed up a couple of times and was told to update to v I did do this. The same problems remained. I was then told to wait until the next update. I have now updated to v The same problems remain.

    Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong?