Most Discs these days include a Bonus or Special Features disc as part of the movie package. Typically 2 discs but sometimes 3.

I would like to be able to COPY each disc in the package in iso format and store them in the same Movie folder directory on the Movie Server hard drive. The Media Server Library should show a single Poster Icon for that disc (with a number icon in the top corner displaying the contents quantity). When you select that disc/movie icon you then see the 2 or 3 disks poster appearing. Much like multiple movies are currently appearing for a movie and its sequels.

So for Example you might have APOLLO 13 as the main poster (with a 2 in the top right) and when you select the APOLLO 13 Icon/Poster it then opens up to display information plus 2 additional Posters APOLLO 13 Feature --- APOLLO 13 Bonus Disc

This also requires me to be able to rename each of the sub items independently which doesn't seem possible at the moment.