Am I doing something wrong or is it a real feature request?

This is the way I am watching/updating movies:
  • I go into Movies Section (the graphical interface where all movies appear with their cover and information).
  • I click play and watch it.
  • After I watch 6-7 movies, I want to delete them completely from the list so they do not appear anymore in the Movies Section.
  • Right now I have to go into the Videos Section and then delete them physically from the disk, but he deleted movies still appear in the Movies Section, so what I am doing now is Rebuilding the whole library again.
  • Having a lot of movies and videos, sometimes this process takes a long time.
  • I tried the "Update Library", but the deleted movies are still appearing in the Movies Section, so I have to "Rebuild Library" every time.

It would be nice if after watching a movie, I can delete it from the Movies Section without having to rebuild the library all the time.