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    Despite the caution in the DVDFab Movie Server manual that it supports up to 8TB drives, I got it working fine with a 10TB WD Red NAS drive, WD100EFAX. Now if only the scraper could be fixed to show more than 12 movies on any hard drive I have tried, I would be happy with my purchase of DMS..

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    Originally posted by DaveH50 View Post
    Now if only the scraper could be fixed to show more than 12 movies on any hard drive I have tried.
    Please tell me more information about this problem


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      OK I found the "use 1010" in the settings and tried it, now I'm up to 48 movies found. I have around 1500 movies on the 10TB drive, separated into genre folders ("Animated", "SciFi", "Thrillers", etc) and then each movie in its own subfolder as I have a mix of ISO, BMDV and VOB formats. The scraper will find Toy Story, Toy Story 2 for example but not Toy Story 3 even though the latter is discovered during the scraping process. Plus the scraper seems to quit after going through about 100 or so files, of which only half or so actually get listed under the Movies tab. This problem has occurred with every hard drive I have used in the DMS.

      In contrast, the scraper in CyberLink PowerDVD version 17 scans all the movie folders every time it starts up, and is about 99.9% successful in finding new movies, although I do have to correct the movie poster frequently, especially for older movies.

      DMS scraper should let the user browse the drive and manually upload the movie information if it cannot find the movie automatically. Currently I don't see any way of doing that, even if I try setting a new path to a movie folder.


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        Forgot to mention, I'm using the latest firmware version for DMS, thanks.