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  • DMS v2.0.0.3 Beta Implementation of SMB 2.xx

    I have activated SMB v2.0 by the control panel on my Windows 10 computer. From the computer I can access the files on the drives attached to the DMS. However, the DMS is unable to access the files on my computer. Is there a further setting on the DMS that is required? I have reverted back to SMB v1.0 and all is well again, but I am advised that SMB v2.0 is more secure.

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    Ting told 17-5-19: New v200x version has support SMB V2. I think x=2000


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      Thanks reklov. Yes I know that support for SMB 2.xx in DMS v 200x was announced by Ting. It's just that I can't get it to work and was wondering if it's something I am doing wrong.


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        hi, About SMB 2.0 in DMS, which is DMS now running SMB 2.0 service, so other devcie can using SMB 2.0 protocol to visit DMS, like DVDFab running in Windows 10, not need active SMB 1.0 now. and copy to DMS is more stabely.

        I read your post, find your problem is DMS cannot visit your Windows 10 shared folder. I think that is not the problem of SMB 2.0 in DMS.

        There are maybe have some access control in your WINDOWS 10 PC, I am not sure it, please try to visit it and send the log to me, I will try to check it.



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          I have my DVDFAB Movie Server connect to my Synology NAS for movies. If I disable SMB1 on my Synology NAS (Forcing anything connecting to it to use SMB2 or SMB3) the movie server cannot access the Synology NAS so I'm seeing the same issue. For now I have just left SMB1 turned on on the Synology NAS and everything works fine but it would be great if SMB2 worked both ways on the DVDFAB Movie Server.


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            I have a QNAP, a cable receiver, PC Win10 and DMS can`t mount any HD..