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    Since installing V I can't add movies to the poster wall or fix match problems. It copies the movie to the HDD and I can play it by going to Videos/SATA Hard Drive 1/DvdFab/Movies and selecting the folder but it doesn't add the folder to Movies or Videos when using the dms server at IP:32080. It also doesn't add the movie to the poster list on dms. This makes it hard to find movies that have been added. This is bad.

    The dms is not logged into dvdfab.cn but I didn't think that was necessary any longer. I've tried to login but it doesn't seem to work.

    I wish we had a manual way to add records to the DBMA or edit/delete them . I now have a lot of videos listed where the folders are gone but the Video entries remain. I also have a Video listed that doesn't point to any file or folder. Please help!


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    2 ways that should work is:
    Use update library from either DMS or web interface. Turn DMS off and then on. works for me. This will start DMS checking your hard drive.
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      Thanks for responding! This has been driving me crazy.

      I've been worried the Update Library function will discard all my work fixing scraper mismatches. At present, I have to fix every movie that I copy. I don't know whether that's because I can't login the dms into the Member Center any more.

      So, you're saying I can do an Update Library without losing existing poster info? I don't want to redo 250+ entries.



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        The only way you lose it all is if you do a factory reset or library rebuild.
        Viking lost down under


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          Finally tried it. Didn't seem to help. It didn't erase posters but all movies after I installed V2.0.0.3 are not listed as either movies or videos. I've seen it do a routine scan and they are never added. This is why I want a manual way to add entries. The fields of the DBMS are simple. I also have the problem that "zombie" (empty) records that point to a deleted file/folder still exist.

          I wonder if it's because I'm not logged in to Member Center. We were told that we didn't need dms.dvdfab.cn any more to update records. I wonder if that is true. I wish someone from dvdfab would say whether we need to be logged in or not. All my problems started when I was forced to log into Member Center - I used Relogin before. It says my login info is missing or bad, even dvdfab 11.x
          won't validate my account.