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Duel entries for some movies

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  • Duel entries for some movies

    The Update to V2xxx went ok but now I seem to be having duel tile entries for some movies. I only have one movie file for each movie but some movies are duplicated.

    Any solution ?

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    Library on HDD might not have gotten fully scanned updating..... try going to 'manage library' - then 'update library'....if that doesn't do it for you try 'rebuild library', the latter should definitely work. Don't bother using the 'refresh' tab. It's broke.


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      Update library didnt work but it seems rebuild library has done.
      I really dont understand why this whole dvdfab dms project is so full of problems. I had a dlink boxee for years and it performed flawlessly. We went through all the endless updates to version 1 of the firmware which continually introduced more and more problems. Now we have the supposedly fully rewritten vers 2 and it is appearing as simply a rerun of all the ver 1 faults.

      Also there appears to be some of the good features of ver1 missing from vers 2