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DMS v2.0.1.0 Beta

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  • From DVDFab Movie Server Team DMS v2.0.1.0 Beta


    DMS V2.0.1.0 beta


    MD5: EFDC59566069DB807E9C45852CBDB39E
    SHA1: 3A7F7465862185D142A48637091CB9C9A6BC99EB
    CRC32: 525DDB10

    1.This version mainly fixes the accuracy of scraping, but there are certain requirements for the naming of files. The name and year must be accurate.

    2."Underworld" series have been fixed. Such as:
    Underworld (2003)
    Underworld Awakening (2012)
    Underworld Evolution (2006)
    Underworld Rise of the lycans (2009)
    Underworld Blood wars (2016)

    3."Season" series have been fixed. Such as:
    Open Season(2006)
    Open Season(1996)
    Open Season(1974)
    Open Season 2(2008)
    Open Season 3(2010)
    Season of the witch (2011)
    Open Season: Scared Silly(2015)

    4.The scraping year error has been fixed. Such as:

    The Bridge (2011)
    Charmed (2018)
    The Deep (2010)
    The Killing (2007)
    Hercules (2014)
    Peter Pan (2003)
    51 (2011)
    Total recall (2012)

    5.Improve: Add "Update Videos" button in WebApp, you can scrape videos only and avoid to scan all path.


    DMS V2.0.0.8 beta

    The OTA upgrade of DMS V2.0.0.8 beta has be opened, the functions and codes are the same as V2.0.0.6, the change of version just for OTA update.


    DMS V2.0.0.6 beta

    MD5: C9D3030D0A158C24F945B0B476AAFBF9
    SHA1: 0032ABA079419B5BAD6EDD0AE35CA25EF9AAB713
    CRC32: 8DF64B6E


    1.Fixed: Bluray TVShow cannot be played in menu mode
    2.Other minor changes.


    DMS V2.0.0.5 beta

    MD5: 11D5ADCE54E8C71A396C3A5724A26326
    SHA1: B0F967F040705D1D5C3E8D649260335A23AD7925
    CRC32: 2FEEC80D

    1.Fixed: DVDFab not output to main hard disk.
    2.Fixed: Failed to analyze meta information in some cases.
    3.Fixed: The subtitles and audio buttons on the remote not working by error meta analysis.
    4.Fixed: Local WebApp not updated in some cases.
    5.Fixed: The same Plot when swtiching the season in TVShow UI.
    6.Fixed: The identify problem of multi partition in disk
    7.Fixed: Some scraper problem for TVshow in some case.
    8.Fixed: Always pop menu when playing some Bluray/UHD in some case.
    9.Fixed:Not supported for *.mk3d type files
    10.Fixed: When using edit media info in webapp, error message: "Invalid params".
    11.Fixed: When add "3D" or"4K" source, the movie page don't display "3D Section" or "4K Section".
    12.Fixed: When the "BD" source from smb, it played failed.
    13.Improve: Add feedback button when playing failed.
    14.Improve: Upgrade from old v1xxx version.
    15.Improve: Save user fixed Movie/TV show media info to database and NFO file.
    16.Improve: Add function of Delete file from library and file in WebApp.
    17.Other minor changes.

    V2.0.0.5 is the bugfix version of V2.0.0.4, I will open the OTA update for this version in few days.
    The new feature and other minor bugs fix will be add to the new develop branch.

    Report problem please using feedback feature (include playback problem) and attach the LogID.

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