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    Has anybody noticed that Ting posted a V2006 Beta update for the problems related revolving TV scraping that has been noted. Don't have any TV series to check this update but it appears to be there to try. Things do happen when reporting!!

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    Just downloaded it, give me a day or two to get it on the DMS and test it. will have it on tonight.


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      Updated to It is scrapping now. It seemed pretty good while it scraped 1650 movies. I saw a couple of miss matches, but could be me. Some older moves have new ones with the same title, so I'll have to add the year.

      On to TV shows.. Going right now. About 43 shows in. It matched Knight Rider correctly this time. However, I do not know how to name a tv series that has newer versions?
      Battle Star Galactica (1978) and Galactica 1980 (1980) both show as the New Battle Star Galactica... "Battle Star Galactica S01E01 (1978)' or something else?
      Also, Lost In Space from the 1960's shows season 2 and 3 correctly but Season 1 shows as the New Lost in Space from Netflix.. Still scrapping, I'll let you know. But better so far.


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        So it is done scrapping: Here is a run down:
        I tried to play a Knight Rider episode. Season 2 Disc 1 in Menu Mode and I got ID:120866
        The Bionic Woman from the 1970's shows as 2007 version. I know this is a naming issue, but I cannot find a TV series spec. Title S01E01 (year) does not work.
        Same For Battle Star Galactica 1978 and 1980 show as the 2000's version
        Columbo works for the first 10 seasons but the rest are videos Worked in or whatever it was...
        Lost In space thinks season 1 is the Netflix version from 2018 while season 2 and 3 are fine.
        The 1980's Twilight Zone shows as the Classic 1960's version. I haven't ripped by 1960's Zone discs yet... But I don't think that would fix this!
        Shazam (1974) shows as Beat Shazam some Jamie Fox show.
        Roots from the 1970's shows as 2016 version.

        Secrets of Isis 1970's show had different episodes match as other tv series for instance "The State" never heard of it before...

        Uploaded log ID :163886
        hope this helps!