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  • General Feedback V2.0.0.8 ota

    (ID:166168) Hello, I received the OTA update (6/27/2019). Ran the update and installation went very well. I tested the v2.0.0.3, but had several issue. Reverted back to the most stable version so, V2.0.0.8 OTA updated from this version. Once the installation completed, I had to sign-in and Activate again. (no issues there). The updating Database that happens at the end was taking extremely long (45 Min. +). I finally gave up a select skip. Rebooted once more to make sure the networks shares connected correctly. (all good here)
    Issue #1 V2.0.0.8 renamed several movie titles.
    Issue #2 V2.0.0.8 changed the covert art. (This happens with every update)
    Issue #3 accessing the DMS locally (much faster by the way, good job here) and spending 3-4 hrs updating the movie titles and cover art, I still cannot add my own covert art that I have saved in each of the movie folders. The reason I have the cover art in the majority of my movies is because it matches my original cover art that came came on the movie.
    Issue #4 I have a Several Kids TV Shows that were copied from the DVDs, I copied using DVD FAB. I cannot add them to either TV Shows or Movies. When I add the title, year and try to search it will not find them. I cannot add the cover art to them either. (Enhancement request) I believe that this was mentioned before, The ability to change the cover art for the Movie Collections.
    I will be testing over the weekend to verify play back for the following, 4K, Blu-Ray, Audio and other functionality on this new version. I have the Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot DVD Collections (4 DVD Set). My Kids TV shows The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (DVDs) cannot be found and are stuck in Videos and no cover art. Please add them to the DMS Database
    Movie Man

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    First of all, thank you very much for your feedback.
    About adding the cover art . We will discuss it and it will be added as soon as possible.