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  • DMS v2.0.0.5~6 Beta Missing/Wrong scraping

    - The Outer Limits (1995) : Shown as "The Outer Limits (1963)"; newer TV Show isn't found by scraper
    - MacGyver (1985) : Same as The Outer Limits, only the newer TV Show from 2016 is found
    - V (1983) : 2 Episode TV Show, both episodes are shown in the newer TV Show from 2009, but the original first two episodes of the 2009 TV Show are not listed in the same TV Show; The TV Show from 1983 cannot be found by scraper
    - Doctor Who (1963) : Isn't found by scraper.....TV Show from 2005 is scraped (Part of it, see next point)
    - Doctor Who (2005) : Complete first season is taken from the 1963 TV Show; Season 2 to 11 is scraped correctly
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    These have been fixed,You will see changes in after DMS v2.0.0.8.