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  • DMS v2.0.1.0 Beta Identifying the correct movie

    So far everything looks great on v2.0.1.0, with the exception of the movie HELLBOY (the new version from 2019), because it is not automatically identified and when manually verifying all the information, the search only brings back: HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY... (strange that it only brings that one specifically).

    Also there is no way to select 2019 when editing the information about a movie.
    It only shows up until 2018.


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    To choose 2019 as the year you can do it by editing the metadata on local (your ip etc) Just click on the pen on the left and change to 2019 and rename to correct one, then save changes
    then go to the 3 dots and fix match and search for correct poster.

    I had the same issue withs Us 2019 and this resolved it.

    Its a bit of a workarounf for the year change to 2019 until its added in the fix match edit.