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Boy meets world season 6 scraper issue

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  • Boy meets world season 6 scraper issue

    I have seasons 1-6 of Boy Meets World on my DMS. Seasons 1-5 have the posters and allow me to edit information including Meta Data. Season 6 shows up as a blank thumbnail with a negative number under it (-1226117164). I can click on the blank thumbnail and the episode comes up like it should. However, I notice at the top left (via the web interface) where it has the Episode and Series link it has Season 6 put in as Season6 (no space). I can't find a way to change that and I think this may be why it isn't loading all the meta data or poster properly for this season. All of the other seasons have a space between season and the number, and they are all correct. Is there a way to edit this either through the DMS GUI or the web interface? Is this a Scraper error? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Also a 2nd issue I am noticing with this TV Series is there is only one disc displaying per season. I have 3 discs per season on the DMS but it is only giving me the option to play the first disc. The only way I can play the 2nd or 3rd disc is to go through videos and find the folder in the sata section and play it that way. I have all of my seasons and disc structures organized like so: BOY MEETS WORLD_S1_D1, BOY MEETS WORLD_S1_D2, BOY MEETS WORLD_S1_D3 etc. I made full copies of each disc so they all have menus for each disc, I just need each disc to show up in the TV Show library so I can play them through there instead of going through the Videos section. Thanks for you help with this issue or the previous issue regarding this series.


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      So I was able to get the poster and meta data corrected for all six seasons, but I had to rebuild my library 4 times. Each time a different poster was missing and the metadata was gone. Finally on the fourth run, they all worked correctly. I know there are a lot of TV series out there with a lot of inconsistent naming practices, but it seems that the DMS needs a little more intuitive or easy to update methods for TV series. I think easily editable metadata and season data would be the best way.

      I am still having the 2nd issue of only one disc per season showing in my TV Shows library however. If anyone has the answer for that or a suggestion thanks in advance.


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        You didn't say what firmware version you are using, but I have found that under the 2.XXX, disk numbers don't seem to be used anymore. Certainly could be wrong about that. Maybe someone from DVDFAB could let us know about that.

        When I load a file that represents a multi episode disk, I use the naming convention of NAME OF SHOW.SXXEXX-EXX. In your case, if there are 4 episodes on the first disk, it would be "Boy Meets World.S01E01-E04". This gives me a video clip entry under the correct season for all 4 episodes (all pointing to the same file). Not ideal, but works for now.

        I have also seen the problem you described with different missing metadata each time I do a database rebuild. This occurs for me with Star Trek Original Series. I have reported is sometime back and hopefully they will be able to correct this in the nest release.


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          Wish the dev team would put in a user editor function app that would let us manually add or correct the metadata, including the movie poster and description. While they are at it, give us a way to set up our own collections instead of having to rely on the scraper's decision. For example, I have all 24 or so James Bond movies, starting from "Dr. No" in 1962 or so, and the scraper put about half in a "007" collection and the remainder in an untitled, no poster collection. So I manually added those movies to the 007 collection, and then tried deleting them from the untitled collection but that didn't work. I am worried that if the devs fix the delete function, it might actually delete the movie itself and not just the collection folder info. To me, the collections issue is the biggest issue, as I have a lot of movies and would like to organize them according to my own wishes.

          So in a nutshell, my editor feature requests are:
          1. Let us edit the movie metadata directly, bypassing or overriding the scraper.
          2. Let us edit the collection folders directly, bypassing or overriding the scraper.
          3. Let us edit the genre information directly, again bypassing or overriding the scraper.


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            By following tbrown's naming advice, I was able to get each disc to display under each season of boy meets world. So three discs per season. I guess the disc 1, disc2 etc. format does not work correctly. So that problem is solved, however also to tbrown's other point, I had to do a library rebuild after adding a lot of movies to the server, and now boy meets world season 6 poster and info is not displaying again. If I do a search for the season to update the poster, it says not found. So the only way to get the correct posters, for tv series anyways, if they fail on rebuild, is to rebuild again and hope that they all match correctly. If they don't you have to rebuild again until they do. This is definitely a big issue that along with Dave's suggestions above need to be addressed by the developers in the a subsequent build.