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Cannot play from the Poster Walls ANY video on USB drives

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  • DMS v2.0.1.0 Beta Cannot play from the Poster Walls ANY video on USB drives

    Symptoms: Any attempt to play video stored on an attached USB drive from either the "Movies" or "TV shows" poster walls, shows an egg timer for 60s then displays the error "Playback failure. Please try to send us feedback" example IDs: 179141, 183369, 114550. The library paths have been setup correctly, the scraper finds them, but no USB media can be played from the poster walls. However these same videos playback OK from the "VIDEOS" list.

    I have recently discovered from this forum that the problems playing media from USB drives from the poster walls has been fixed for other users, but not for me!

    I strongly suspect this is because I have two Movie Servers activated against the same email address.
    My first DMS was replaced due to a hardware fault, but is still showing as registered in the DVDFab Member Centre. I suspect this means my current DMS is somehow not fully logged in, blocked because the first DMS is still registered. I also get an Icon at top right on the DMS homepage, that I think is probably the account icon, which has a small cross against it. However, I am logged in and activated. I cannot correct this unusual account status from my end. One solution might be if DVDFab remove my previous DMS from my account/email.

    I think this is happening because all paths added to the Library, are network shares (eg smb://ANDROID_DSBxxx/share/sdb/usbB2/DVDFab), whereas the internal SATA drive (which works) is automatically added as local path (eg /mnt/sata/sata2). This indicates that even for a directly-attached USB drive, the DMS goes out to the network to play it from the Poster Wall. Because of the unusual state of my DVDFab account, with two DMS servers activated against the same email address, the DMS is failing to play from network shares. However, when I play from the "VIDEO" list, this presumably uses a local path, which would explain why this works, but playing via a network share does not. There is no way to add a local path to the Library list. Going out to the network seems a very odd and inefficient way to access locally attached drives.

    I also think my unusual login state might be causing the problem that almost every bad scrape I try to correct immediately returns the message "No matches found" - far too quick to have gone out to the Internet to search. It is very rare that any match is found, even when you know everything is correct and the movie or TV show is very well known, or even when other episodes in the same TV series were found! Correcting a match works so rarely, it is in effect a waste of time trying when you have hundreds of incorrect or failed scrapes. The fact that only one other person seems to have raised this exact issue on the forum makes me think it usually works for others - hence why I think it might be due to my login.

    Please investigate and resolve as soon as possible, because this is very frustrating and driving me nuts! I have wasted so much time trying unsuccessfully to sort out these problems. This is a big issue for me, and I suspect anyone else with two DMS servers authorised to the same email.
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    Two serious problems:

    - I can't play anything from the poster walls that is stored on a directly connected USB drive
    - I can't correct bad scrapes - "No matches found" is immediately returned

    Logs supplied and so far no response from the DVDFab team..