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    DMS v2.0.2.1 Web Interface out of sync with Media Server

    Starting from Movie Server V2.0.2.0, my web interface (i.e. log on to MS via web) is out of sync with those titles on the Media Server. I don't have anything on the Media Server but I do have a NAS containing all my TV shows and Movies. When I set up the Media Server, I just created two links, TV and Movies, to my NAS. It works perfectly with the recent release. The update comes almost instantly if I add anything new on my NAS. However, if I want to edit the meta info via the web interface, I noted what shows up there was not the same as those on the Media Server. Much much less and were never updated.

    I don't know what the problem is as I could do it in the old days. Do anyone encounter the same problem?

    I've noticed if I search, the info displays is sometimes for a different one, or when you look at data, it sometimes is a different one. However if you scroll through and select from there, I usually don't see this problem.

    Also when adding or making certain changes (i.e. cover), that you have to press refresh for it to sync.

    Seen some other oddities, such as don't try to make changes directly from the edit on the cover, but double click it first, then use the edit to make changes from the one that opens there.

    Also, trying to do a fix match directly from the cover many times is problematic, but most of the time if I double click the cover first, then use that link to do a fix match, it usually works.