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    DMS v2.0.2.1 first take

    Nothing appears to have changed much, except, it has got worse.

    First problem I noticed after doing a re-build data base was when it started to scrape, I had still 110 collections without posters. After scrape the first 109 posters were blank without collections and 1 had a movie within it, (so no collection at all).

    Checked video's and found 36, and after getting on computer, it was down to 32 (normal). After media player crashed and restarted it is now down to 31 (1 better).

    Checked tv series and found lots that had no pictures on posters and 2 poster are in Spanish. (Worse) You can edit individual episodes on "correct" tv series.

    I than proceeded to check movies. About 1/3 of the way through it crashed (requiring re-start). 2 movies had same poster even if they were 9 years apart. lots of posters had no pictures and several in different languages: Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and I believe Portuguese. (shocking)

    By this time I'm beginning to think it's time to accept the fact that these problems are never going to be fixed and start using NFO files.

    This was when I found perhaps the last problem. Tried to edit posters for tv series/movies; another shock. No paths to be found when trying to scrape, even movies/tv series with correct details had no paths, so no changing of poster. (absolutely stuffed)

    The only ++++ that I could find was that you could edit videos.

    If I had to rate this latest update out of 10, it would get a great whooping 0.
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    Viking lost down under

    Doesn't sound good....Does anyone know if I'm upgrading from to - is a rebuild required?


      no, re-build is not necessary.
      Viking lost down under


        I did the OTA update to 2021 last night and tried playing a few movies - seems like the subtitles are now gone missing, even though the 2020 version played them automagically. Will look at the issue more thoroughly later.