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    DMS v2.0.2.1 take 2

    Re updated library over night.

    Result roughly the same, except for collections. It removed the 1 with a movie in it and added another 836 to collections, so total is now 947.

    So what I now have is a disaster. ALL my movies are now under collections as well. Every one shows twice the amount of what is actually there EG. James Bond movies show that there is fifty movies, but there is only 25 in total.

    I think the developers should check their source code and fix the problem and bring out v2.0.2.2 as quick as possible.

    Just found out that movies can be edited and posters changed, but you have to type in the name and year to find your posters as it will not show due to lack of path.
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    Viking lost down under

    Like EJM, I've got a disaster now with Collections. Every movie now seems to be in Collections, many with multiple duplicates. The Movie and TV sections are normal, with just a few movies lacking cover art.


      Also for me the tv series still just show 1 disc even though there are supposed to be multiples. This hasn't worked right since v1010.


        Exactly the same experience. Seemed OK at first. Then a library rebuild and all hell let bloose. 951 blank and empty collections added. "Cannot access server" messages. The lot. Gone back to 2020... it more or less works.


          Apparently I can't upload png files as my so called user group has exceeded their upload limit by 12.24 MB, only allowed 9.77 MB. So I've had to put them on Messenger. It turns out that when you check the 109 collections on media player, they are called "custom collections". Apparently there are no responses from people in charge, so tomorrow night I'll try a factory reset to see if this will fix the problem.
          Viking lost down under