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    DMS v2.0.2.1 take 3

    done a factory reset

    Nothing appears to have changed much since,

    After scrape I had 109 posters in collections 1 was removed and I gained another one.

    Checked video's and found 34 (32 normal).

    Checked tv series and found lots that had no pictures on posters. You can edit individual episodes on "correct" tv series.

    I than proceeded to check movies. About 2/3 of the way through it crashed (requiring re-start). 2 movies had same poster even if they were 9 years apart. lots of posters had no pictures and 4 are different languages: Spanish, Japanese and I believe Portuguese.

    Tried to edit posters for tv series/movies; another shock. No paths to be found when trying to scrape, even movies/tv series with correct details had no paths, so no changing of poster.

    The only ++++ that I could find was that you could edit videos and 1 that I had insisted for several updates is now a collection. Some movies/tv series that didn't have posters before now do. However there were a lot more movies/tv series with poster before that now are blank. When trying to change/add posters there was no posters appearing for selection followed by a error message.

    However some blank poster can be edited even if path is not there, as long as you type in year and name before scrapping.
    Not much of a poster selection compared to previous versions.
    Viking lost down under