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    DMS IP control

    I'm trying to use the PLAY, "filepath", END command to directly play a file.

    The file is stored local in a directory structure on sata1.

    What is the compete path I have to fill in to get this working? I have no clue about the root where the path name should begin.
    Tried the obvious paths but so far nothing worked.

    DMS Main share is at....\\android_xxxxxx\share
    My Movies as an example is at....\\android_xxxxxx\share\sata\sata2\Movies
    Where the 'xxxxxx' is a substitute for the uniqueness of your unit.

    I use the VLC player and have no problems doing this!
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      I was close.
      Nice that in my explorer the device presents itself as ANDROID_XXXXX on the network. Obviously the programmer has different ideas about case sensitivity...

      Going to use this box as a test pattern generator. Having the ability to access the patterns under a button press on an iPad saves me a trip to the dumpster.


        Tried it and it will not work no matter what I tried. Other ip commands work over the network but this one isn't.

        This is the final straw.
        This pos that pretends to be a movie server is going into the dumpster.