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    DMS v2.0.2.1 disappointing

    I haven't done much since my last evaluation of media player, reason being:

    I've become dis-enchanted the with progress of fixing problems with media player. During this period of covid - 19 where people could have worked from home, nothing much seems to have been done. There has also been plenty of time to test new updates. I can see that improvements have been made on the interface. eg poster wall is much better than when I bought DMS, when looking under "all" (in my case over 1100 movies) I can go from a to z without having to wait, before I had to wait after every 40 movies or so, before I could continue down the page. Search has also been improved, now I can find movies without DMS freezing up.

    My biggest disappointment is that finding posters for movies and tv series hasn't changed in a long time. Since about Ver., I've had 31 video's (movies/tv series) that have not been identified. Every time a update comes out, it is always the same 31.

    I've asked this question quite a few times, when will this be fixed. Always the same answer, next update.

    Now I'm asking again. WHEN will this be fixed.
    Viking lost down under

    ejm...I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it will never be fixed as long as they(..the developers) maintain total control over their code base, instead of letting the open source community inject fresh ideas into the development stream. I've lost interest in my DMS and it stays off most of the time now. I now use my HTPC, an Intel NUC8i7BEH Windows 10 PC with KODI as my player to watch movies that I rip with DVDFab. This winter I plan on getting an NAS and move all content onto it and retiring the DMS, KODI can browse network resources and stream within the player.

    If I was a programmer I would create a totally manual *.nfo generator template whereby the end user could create the .nfo file manually by using multi-tab browsing and copy publicly available info from any web based resource into the generator, thumbnail pics included. Save the file in the correct format.


      I understand what you are saying, and you sound smarter than I am. I have only used the DMS 5-6 times in the last 1/2 a year.
      Viking lost down under