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    DMS v2.0.2.1 Seeking community advice

    I am in the process of transferring DVD/Blu-Ray disks to a NAS. This will be for playback on the MS in menu mode. There appears to be several options to do this:

    1. Use Clone mode to create an iso file
    2. Use Full Disk Copy to create an iso file
    3. Use full disk copy to create a folder.

    The end result of these appears to be pretty much the same. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to one technique over the other? Which is the best way to go for MS playback in menu mode?

    Thanks for any advice on this particular subject.

    I started mine in January and am still working on my collection (I'm over 1000+ now). I only put the movies on a NAS and don't use the storage on the MS. I played around upfront with different ways until I seemed to settle on 2. I mostly use the full clone/iso mode and NOT the full disk mode (I foreget why but I do remember some having issues). In some cases that have issues playing menus or starting correctly (Lionsgate is a common one, etc.) I pull just the movie using Ripper/Passthrough settings to MKV. So far these 2 work well / so far, so good...TRJ